Our Newsletters are published twice a year and sent to all Icknield Way Association members. Below are links to our most recent editions.  Our older newsletters are not in a suitable format for publishing here, but we are extracting a number of interesting articles that are still relevant to the Icknield Way today and which will be progressively published on this page.

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Selected articles from the Archives


The London to Yarmouth Telegraph SystemWartime Airfields and the Icknield Way
The Icknield Way and FlintProf Thurstan Shaw
The Icknield Way DykesWalking the Icknield Way – Thurstan Shaw 1979


Ivinghoe Beacon Summer 2021 page 2


ChalgraveThe Rackmaster


Telegraph Hill
Lilley HooEngland’s Last Alchemist at Lilley
The Headless Horseman of High DownPirton Castle
Norton CommonA Henge at Norton
Willbury Hill and the Icknield Way. Andrews R, Transactions of the East Hertfordshire Archaeological Society, 1904
Letchworth Strikes BackThe Goddess Senuna
Royston’s Historic CaveRoyston’s Royal Palace


Rivey Hill at Linton


Rough Justice for Little Abel


The D House, Euston

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