Clean the stones

The Icknield Way has three stone plinth milestones along the Icknield Way. One at each end, Ivinghoe Beacon and Knettishall Heath and one in the middle at Balsham.  These plinths have been in place since 1992 – see Early Icknield Way.  Over the last 30 years they have become rather more ‘natural’, so the committee explored how to give them a refresh.   After a proposal from a stonemason the committee decided to see if it was possible to refresh them using volunteer labour.

Clive Beckett has refreshed the stone at Ivinghoe Beacon. The view across towards Whipsnade

Laurence Rix went to give the same treatment to the stone at Knettishall Heath. After 40minutes of trying to find the stone under all these ferns – he gave up. Something to come back too later in the year when the vegetation is more accommodating!