John Simmons – has started his 70 year walk

Last month I posted a link to John’s 70 year walk. On Sunday 5th May he started on his journey from Thame, Bucks planning to arrive in Thetford, Norfolk on the 19th May – his 70th birthday. On this way passing the “The Parish of The Icknield Way Villages” west of the M11 where he was the vicar for some time before retiring.

You can read more of the reasons for his journey from the 70 year walk. He is raising money for Diabetes UK, at the time of this posting he has only raised about half his target of £2,000. So please support him on his worthy endeavour.

He is posting updates of his journey on the Diabetes UK website, so you can follow has journey. He is also posting some videos on YouTube, showing the beauty (and weather) along the way.

He recently hit the media with this “Former Thame curate to walk 140 miles” article in the Bucks Herald.