Calling stonemasons…

Unveiling of Balsham stone in Sept 1992

In September 1992, the Icknield Way Association formally unveiled a “mile stone” at Balsham to mark the route of the Icknield Way. More details of this event are available in the IWA page. Additional stones of the same design are at each end of the route – Ivinghoe Beacon and Knettishall Heath. We believe these are a unique feature of the Icknield Way Path.

Icknield Way stone – Ivinghoe Beacon
IW Milestone at Knettishall Heath

After 30 years of weathering the stones are now looking rather less pristine! We would welcome any advice from stonemasons as to how to refresh these stones. They may need a simple clean and the lettering repainted using mason paint. The original picture shows a very white stone, but we are not sure if this was the original stone colour or whether it was actually painted white.

A stonemason may also be able to advise what funding/budget would be necessary to enable us to install additional stones along the route. Any advice welcome – please email