Ivinghoe Beacon to Knettishall Heath
a 110 mile walk along the oldest road in Britain

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Path Updates

Please let us know if you come across any problems when you are walking the Path so that we can warn future walkers and also, if necessary, amend the Guide.   Click here to report a problem.

Road construction commences – on Map 4 – Chalk Hill to Streatley.

The guide book references works which, at the time, were planned to commence from 2013 which has turned out to be optimistic. Delays have happened, such that work to build the M1-A5 link road started in 2015.

The Icknield Way path crossing the new A5-M1 link road under construction has been formally closed. An alternative route has been established and signed. This route crosses the construction site at a safe crossing point. [See here]

The formal CBC closure notice is at Houghton Regis Footpath, Nos. 13 & 40

New Path - Chalgrave

There has been a new length of definitive path dedicated in Chalgrave parish, Bedfordshire.  The path has been created specifically to assist IW path users.  Until now the path (Map 4) from Wingfield emerged onto the A5120 and then it was a nasty walk along the verge of the A5120 until a right turn towards Chalgrave church.  Now it is possible to cross straight over the A5120 – which still requires care – but a new public footpath has been created on the Chalgrave Manor golf course side of the hedge.  The new path emerges in the quiet lane leading to Chalgrave church.  These changes are already incorporated in the 6th Edition of the IW Guide.

south looking north

new road looking east

north looking south.